Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tsunami enjoys some time with the kids

Today we went to the lake at Baumholder to enjoy the sunshine and nice spring day. Tsunami needed some exercise and to work on his water skills. He's still learning what swimming is all about. He doesn't like to go any deeper than where his feet can't touch the bottom.
So we threw the ball around for about an hour with him chasing after it. And of course giving Dad the old "Now why did you have to go and throw it that far" LOOK.
Unfortunately I didn't bring my swim trunks with me otherwise I would have gotten in there with him and worked on some really swimming. But that will come in time.
Once I figured that he was tired of chasing the ball, I let Tsunami take a chill on the grass to help him dry off and enjoy the various dogs that were walking by. He quietly sat, patiently watched, and even posed for some really nice pictures with the kids.
It was an incredible afternoon spent with an incredible "Man's best Friend". Tsunami has truly blossomed into an incredible companion and true joy to be around.
His love for the kids is unfailing, and these pictures really capture his spirit of love, play, and protection.
His heart is gentle, but firm, quiet but oh so full of energy.
And the facial expressions he displays will make a complete bystander stop and marvel.

I couldn't have hoped for a better canine companion than Tsunami!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Mission Contiues...

And our story picks up again after Tsunami's evil owner has been removed from power. Shame on him for making Tsunami's faithful followers wait with anxiety.

Where were we know, Oh yeah, Our brave protector of all toys yellow was enjoying a little peace collecting his thoughts, preparing for the extended journey that laid ahead of him. At this point in the adventure, he wasn't quite sure where he was from the magic of the Leprechauns. He decided he would lay and give his pretty face to see if the fairies would help him.

He looked left, but no fairies were to be found. He was puzzled. Where could they have gone. How was he to make it to his final destination?

Puzzled and confused, he thought he had failed his King. But deep in is heart he knew that he could finish this journey.

His brave heart kicked in. He traveled a ways down the rugged fallen leave mountain...and there it was. He had found the beginning of the trail that would lead him to the special agent ducks.

Unfortunately in all his excitement with finding the trail, he let down his guard and had dropped the precious jewel in the flowing water. He chased it and managed to track it to a water basin. His instincts clicked in and he braved the ever chilly waters. The jewel was just out of his reach. How could he retrieve it?

He noticed a short wall holding the water, walked along it, and slowly inched his way. Cautious of the icy waters, and the unknown below, he slowly lowered his front paws in.

This was not working. So he decided to suck up his fears and return to the original plan. He stretched his nose out as far as it would go. Hooray! He had retrieved it. Our journey must continue, he said to himself.

He followed the water flowing in the creek bed. But the rocks and sticks and obstructions were difficult to cross. The yellow jewel had been water soaked from landing in the water basin, and he couldn't keep a good grasp of it. The icy waters were affecting him. His brain was telling him it's time to play, but his heart was telling him to continue with his task at hand.

He stared to the sky for guidance. Would the King mind if he stopped and played? Would he be disappointed in his servant?

In the blink of an eye, the toy thief appeared. Tsunami grabbed the precious yellow jewel and took off. Yes... our brave and smart hero made the right choice...the king would be so proud of him. He ran and ran as fast as his feet would take him. The toy thief would not catch him. Tsunami kicked up so much water that the toy thief was soaked and frozen instantly from the icy cold water. Our brave Tsunami had done it. But his journey was not complete.

Finding the end of the creek, he knew he had reached his destination. He stopped and pondered the dangers he had been through. He reflected on the highs and lows. The King would be so proud of him.

He gently let the precious yellow jewel loose from his tight grip, and watched as it slowly floated away. It was bittersweet. His heart was beating with pride and accomplishment.

So little girls and boys, our brave Tsunami had saved the day. The King's mission was complete. The special agent ducks would soon have their precious jewel.
Knowing the king would have more missions for him soon, he sighed and turned to leave.

But our hero just couldn't leave without knowing for sure that the mission was complete. He stood on the bank of the waters. He stared and watched.

So our story ends. Or does it? Did the King have a new mission for Tsunami? Where would we see our brave protector of all toys yellow again? Would the King give him a promotion?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Tsunami...The King's Protector of all Toys Yellow

Our story begins on a nice brisk spring afternoon in the middle of the dense our main character, Tsunami. Tsunami is the King's protector of all yellow toys. He was sent on a mission to deliver the yellow toy to the kings special agent ducks that live far far far away.

Standing and staring into the distance with his favorite squishy yellow large tennis ball in his mouth he hears something strange and takes off running to protect his prize toy...

He runs and runs all the while cautious to what's around him...he must protect the precious jewel...

He must keep going at all costs। The toy snatcher is close at hand!

And then he pauses, to check things out.

Quick I must get away, he is coming....the toy thief is coming.

Our hero escapes in the nick of time.

I must press on, I can feel the presence of the toy thief. I am the last protector of toys...I will not fail.

Tsunami makes it to the land of fallen logs. He climbs up to make sure the coast is clear.

Our hero stumbles upon uncharted land. Only Fairies and Leprechauns have ventured this far into the forest before.

He rests, but only for a brief moment. The danger is close.

Before he departs, he must have some of the special scent from the fairies. Maybe the Leprechauns placed something here for him to help protect him.

Just as suspected, there was something special in that magical green hole in the ground. Tsunami was given the power to stare deep into the forest with bright shiny eyes.

And out of no where...puff...Tsunami is magically transported to the land of browns, greens, greys, and purples. He stands in disbelief. But wait...what happened to the precious yellow ball?

He searches far and wide.

Retraces his steps.

He can't find it anywhere. He frets and worries for the safety of the precious toy.

AHHHHH HAAAAA! Our hero stumbles across it at his feet and turns away with a look of "boy am I dumb".

Exhausted and confused from all the magic trickery that has happened, our hero Tsunami lays on a pillow of fallen leaves to rest.

His tongue waving in the wind to help cool his brain and body.

Is this where the story ends...surely you jest! Ahhhhahhahhahahahhaaahhahahhahahha the evil laugh of Tsunami's owner cryies aloud. Will our Hero Tsunami save the precious toy and deliver it to the king's special agent ducks? Will the evil toy thief "steal" the day? You shall all have to wait for the conclusion of our story.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tsunami's 1st Adventure:
The escape with the blue Octopus...

Meet our hero Tsunami in the middle of the dense woods surveying the land in search of the ever allusive blue octopus. He surveys the land efficiently through his keen sense of sight and smell. He knows that once he finds this special creature, he must keep it hidden. For he is not alone in the woods. There are children lurking, waiting to steal his treasure.

After much searching, and many miles traveled, Tsunami has caught the blue octopus. But his journey is not over. He must find a safe spot to keep this treasure. The children have spotted him and are in pursuit to take his treasure.
He looks around to find the best spot...

Thinking to himself...NO that way is no good, it's to easy to find.

And then he thinks he has found the spot...

He checks his steps to make sure that the trail can not be followed. But he picks up a scent of trouble lurking. He thinks he has found a trap. He moves in closer to investigate.
He looks up and says to himself..."Those kids must have planted a tracking device or something here." Just then he realizes that he has left the blue octopus out of sight and let his guard down.
The kids had stolen his treasure. Now he must hunt and search for the children and his special treasure.
He searches far and wide and travels dangerous paths.

He uses his balance skills to check from the high spots, in search of the children.

Tsunami has picked up the scent and takes off. He sees one of the evil doers in his sights and takes off after them. "I will eat you alive when I catch you...okay maybe not eat you alive but definitely slobber you with kisses when I catch you", he says out loud.

He finally catches up to one of the children, but soon finds that this is not the culprit. He politely apologizes and turns to search in another direction.

He travels for miles, but there isn't a child in sight. He has failed. How could he have let the precious blue octopus out of his site? How could he have fallen for the children's ploys? He decides to retrace his steps and go back to where his journey began. Maybe he can pick up a new scent. Maybe he will have to search for another blue octopus...though they are rare.

Tsunami makes it back to the original spot where he found the blue octopus. But there is nothing there. He stares off deep into the forest hoping to catch a glimpse or a scent to search. Tsunami couldn't find anything. There was no trace of the children, no trace of the blue octopus. Dejected and sad, he made his way back to his owner. They traveled through the forest together and returned to their home.
Now you may think that our story has ended and that there was no happy ending...but you would be wrong. To Tsunami's suprise, the children were not out to steal from him, they weren't evil. They had safely returned the blue octopus to the house where Tsunami lives! They didn't want him to loose it. They were looking out for him. Hooray, Tsunami's heart sank, he felt terrible for thinking such bad things about the children. He should have known that they were kind hearted.
So Tsunami and the children laughed and played the rest of the day, and enjoyed the blue octopus.